Overview of Black Cumin Seeds

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Black cumin seeds also known as kalonji seeds is nigella sativa (nigella seeds) and it belongs to the family ranunculaceae. they are native to south west asia. they are highly preferred in the cosmetic, medicine and food industry for their strong flavored oil extracts. the oil extract is believed to be a nutritive application for hair. they are slightly aromatic and have peppery flavor. it is believed that black seeds are good for health. they are energy booster and overcome fatigues. as exporters of nigella seeds, these are widely demanded in the industry for their rich flavor and wide used in the cooking of food. nigella seeds helps in curing diseases like cervical cancer, high blood pressure, asthma, sore throat, post-surgical scar prevention, radiation damage control etc.

Black cumin seeds have an earthy and smoky taste. they have been in use since centuries for it’s curative and culinary properties. it has been used in various herbal and medicinal products by the ayurvedic branch of medicines. it is a common seasoning agent in the asian and middle eastern cuisines. nigella sativa (black cumin) is a medicinal spice that appears to be active in the dose used to season food products. it has a potent bioactive known as thymoquinone which shows promise in treating epilepsy, allergies, and boosting the immune system. nigella seeds have smoky and earthy taste. find black seeds manufacturers in india, black seeds suppliers in india, black seeds exporters in india, black seeds importers in india, nigella seeds manufacturers in india, nigella seeds suppliers in india, nigella seeds exporters in india, nigella seeds importers in india, kalonji seeds manufacturers in india, kalonji seeds suppliers in india, kalonji seeds exporters in india, kalonji seeds importers in india, black cumin seeds manufacturers in india, black cumin seeds suppliers in india, black cumin seeds exporters in india, black cumin seeds importers in india, gujarat, rajkot, unjha, rajasthan, mundra port, nhava sheva port, ahmedabad, mumbai, delhi in india and around the world. Real Extreme Export private limited regularly exports to malaysia, indonesia, philippines, thailand, vietnam, usa, saudi arabia, united arab emirates, morocco, kuwait, qatar, turkey, russia, jordan, georgia, yemen, oman, south korea, egypt, china, bahrain, tunisia, afghanistan, algeria, singapore.

HSN CODE: 09093119

Black Seeds Specifications:

 Product Name:Nigella Seeds / Black Seeds / Kalonji Seeds / Black Cumin Seeds
 Cleaning:Machine Cleaned / Sortex Cleaned
 Purity:98% / 99% / 99.5% (As Per Customer Requirements)
 Moisture:8% Max
 Place of Origin:India
 Broken:5% Max
 Salmonella:Absent / 25 Gms
 Admixture:1% Min

Packaging Details:

 PP Bag 25 / 50 KG in New PP Bag
 Paper Bag 25 KG in New Paper Bag Inside Poly Bag
 –  As Per Customer Requirement

Container Capacity:

 20′ FT Container  15-16 Metric Tons
 40′ FT Container 25-26 Metric Tons

Black Seeds Benefits and Uses:

✓ Nigella has been used for centuries as a stimulant and in the treatment of flatulence, indigestion, and bowel disorders.
✓ It is an strong source of fiber, vitamin a, iron.
✓ Nigella is also used as an ingredient of medicine and drugs.
✓ Nigella seeds completely inhibits the development of common types of cancer cells. Anti-cancer activity.
✓ Nigella seeds are also great components to vitalize our memory.
✓ It’s oil is used to treat the severe pain of migraine.
✓ Nigella seed oil is widely used in combination of other herbs for making different types of medicines used to cure different diseases.