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The aspiration for growth has been substantial ever since Realextreme Trader Pvt. Ltd. embarked on its dynamic journey in the import and export sector. Situated in the heart of New Delhi, the company owes its establishment to two accomplished import-export leaders – Rajiv Kumar and Roshan Kumar. With an unwavering commitment to achieving ambitious business targets while upholding top-notch performance and an array of services, they have firmly established Realextreme Trader Pvt. Ltd. as a reputable and dependable player in the Indian export landscape.

From its inception, Realextreme Trader Pvt. Ltd. has been engaged in the import and export of oil seeds, Indian spices, dehydrated products, rice, pulses, and more. The company’s journey has been marked by continuous expansion and foraying into uncharted territories. Through adept supply chain management, encompassing every facet of material movement from suppliers to customers, the company has solidified its foundation on principles of trust, authenticity, and prestige. In their pursuit of sustained success and growth, Realextreme Trader Pvt. Ltd. remains firmly committed to principles of integrity, superior offerings, and fostering productive relationships with customers, farmers, manufacturers, and suppliers.

Realextreme Trader’s commitment to honesty and transparency underscores its dedication to delivering quality products promptly and conveniently. Thanks to a fair pricing strategy, outstanding product qualities, and exceptional customer support, the company has secured an indelible position in the markets. Tailored products undergo rigorous quality checks, ensuring the shortest possible delivery time to reach your destination port. The energetic team of logistics professionals, driving the client-centric approach and organized outcomes, is the cornerstone of the company’s services devoted to your needs.

Our Vision & Mission


From the commencement of the company, we have always stuck to our principle is “-The Quality We Trust-”. Our Vision is to provide the utmost quality products at the most competitive price with an aim to create a healthy nation and the healthy world. To accomplish our objectives, we strives to continuously improve the quality of our products to make it the best quality products of the world.


We want to deliver value to the customer, be profitable and establish leadership in core markets. The Group strives diversification and expansion of the product portfolio. We want to command top of mind recall with the consumer by ensuring effective brand promotion strategies also focus on increasing the Group’s Global Footprint by venturing into new markets and at the same time, forgive fruitful alliances with entities operating within the same plane.

“Real Extreme Export Private Limited is a responsible Import Export Company. We are striving to bridge the global supply chain gap through timely delivery of quality products across continents.”
Director of Realextreme Trader Private Limited