Overview of Guar Meal

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Guar meal is well known as protein animal food as it contains approx 55% protein. it is basically a husk of guar gum split and germ of guar seed. the husk removed from guar seed is called guar churi which contains approx 35 percent protein whereas the germ of guar seed is referred to as guar kurma. the guar kurma consists of 50 percent protein. guar meal has been proved as protein and carbs rich product which doesn’t contain any kind of additive or any sort of preservatives or chemicals in it. guar meal is also used as an additive in the feed. sometimes, it is directly used as a feed for cattle as it contains all nutritional value components and is gmo-free product. the guar meal is also used as a substitute for soya beans meal as it is rich in protein. the guar meal helps in balancing blood sugar and cholesterol levels of an animal.

Guar meal/ guar korma meal is one of the important ingredients used as cattle feeds, cattle, fish, poultry, and swine (pigs). guar gum and meal are both extracted from seeds of the same plant, yet the gum form of extract is used for its multiple properties for which it is applied as viscosifier, thickener, binder, gelling agent, stabilizer, emulsifier, flocculant and water holding ingredient. whereas, meal form contains highest protein content for which it is preferred in animal feed preparations. in addition, this merchandize contains about 55% of protein (o+a) along with digesting content which makes it a reliable and safe ingredient for animals.

Guar korma/ guar gum korma meal is used as the main raw ingredient in the production of feed for various animals such as cattle, fish, poultry, and swine. however, it is best suited for dairy cattle. this is so because of the good amount of nutrients, protein, amino acids, etc. guar korma meals provide to cattle. it is also highly digestible and improves the digestion of cattle. the amount of consumption of korma by cattle can also be increased by how well it is being accepted by their system. the presence of up to 10% of korma in animal feed is tolerated as safe for consumption.

Sharbati Basmati Rice Specifications:

 Product Name:Sharbati Basmati Rice
 Moisture:13% Max
 Cleaning:Sortex Cleaned
 Avaliblity Type:White / Raw, Creamy Sella, Golden Sella, Steam
 Place of Origin:India
 Average Grain Length:7.4 MM
 Broken:2% max
 Damage & Discolored:1% Max
 Admixture:1% Max

Packaging Details:

 PP Bag 25 / 50 KG in New PP Bag
 Jute Bag 10 / 25 / 40 Kg in New Jute Bag
 Non Woven Bag 5 / 10 / 20 / 25 Kg in Non Woven Bag
 – As Per Customer Requirement

Container Capacity:

 20′ FT Container  24-25 Metric Tons
 40′ FT Container –

Sharbati Basmati Rice Benefits and Uses:

✓ Sharbati Basmati Rice have an effect, which supports the brain and nurtures it.
✓ Sharbati Basmati Rice with milk or water can relieve thirst.
✓ Sharbati Basmati Rice add a touch of sunshine to breads, muffins, cookies, cakes, pies, tarts and puddings.
✓ Add Sharbati Basmati Rice, almonds, peppers and onions to brown rice to make a tasty side dish.
✓ Sharbati Basmati Rice lubricate the bodies channels-particularly the lungs. Therefore, people with less than robust respiratory systems find them very healing.
✓ Sharbati Basmati Rice are naturally endowed with both an array of valuable nutrients and a pleasantly sweet flavor.
✓ Sharbati Basmati Rice as part of the daily diet.